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Cheap student proofreading services for your dissertation or thesis, with a rapid turnaround time.

Trust JD Editorial, and turn your 2:1 into a first.

If you are worried about your standard of written English, or worried you will get penalised for your spelling, punctuation and grammar, why not get your work proofread by an expert? Academic proofreading of the highest quality is much more affordable than you may think…!

Money may be tight. Pressure to enjoy life goes with the territory, but pressure to succeed is even higher. Your future rides on the degree you get – scores matter, and increased precision leads to increased scores, turning that 2:1 into a 1:1.

cheap proofreading for students

“Rightly or wrongly, the doctoral regulations do not preclude students from engaging the help of a professional editor to work on their thesis. Those students who are aware of the existence of professional copy-editors, know how to contact them and can afford to pay them, have an advantage over those who are more naive. Students who have never heard of copy-editors, are unaware of the legitimacy of using their services and would not, in any case, have the financial means at their disposal to engage them, are at a disadvantage.”

How to get a PhD, Phillips & Pugh, 1987.

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  • I have used JD Editorial on more than one occasion for academic proofreading and have never been let down. I have always been more than impressed with the quality of the work I receive back and the price charged. Compared to other proofreading companies, the work carried out by JD Editorial is reasonably priced and of a very high quality. I can only but recommend JD Editorial.

    Claire Howarth Undergraduate
  • Excellent! I’m so happy with this proofreading. Jack helped me to correct grammar mistakes and vocabulary use. He also reorganised some parts of my essay so that all sentences and paragraphs are logically related. In addition, he is a nice person to deal with 🙂 I’d like to recommend JD Editorial to other friends.

    Luna Zhang International Postgraduate
  • Trying to meet a deadline always comes with an element of stress. JD Editorial entirely removed this, with an immediate response to my enquiry. Within a matter of hours, my work transformed to that of a premium quality, having had a careful eye attentively adding new words and removing the unnecessary, whilst maintaining originality. I now feel confident in handing in a masterful piece of work. JD Editorial provided me with everything I could want from an editing service at an unbeatable rate. Will definitely be using them again. Thank you.

    Philip Anderson Undergraduate
  • I have used JD Editorial on a number of occasions now, and have always found Jack to be very efficient and meticulous in his proofreading. He obviously takes pride in maintaining a high professional standard. I appreciated his flexibility and willingness to work collaboratively. I also found his pricing to be very fair. I have tried other proofreading companies and have been most impressed with Jack's.

    Dr James Currie Postgraduate

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