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Thorough grammatical checking is absolutely vital on all works before publishing. With JD Editorial’s proofreading services, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are in very capable hands.

We have built up a wealth of experience of manuscript proofreading over more than seven years. We have proofread a vast range of texts, including works of both fiction and non-fiction, and covering every genre. What’s more, our service is personal. The author knows exactly who is doing the checking, and regular contact can be made with queries or updates.

The writer’s needs are obviously of the utmost importance, and the efficiency of JD Editorial’s personal offering is vital to our relationship with each and every author. We agree a deadline, and meet it. What’s more, if you have any special arrangements for us to meet, such as a chapter-by-chapter return of your work, we will do our best!


  • Trying to meet a deadline always comes with an element of stress. JD Editorial entirely removed this, with an immediate response to my enquiry. Within a matter of hours, my work transformed to that of a premium quality, having had a careful eye attentively adding new words and removing the unnecessary, whilst maintaining originality. I now feel confident in handing in a masterful piece of work. JD Editorial provided me with everything I could want from an editing service at an unbeatable rate. Will definitely be using them again. Thank you.

    Philip Anderson Undergraduate
  • I can thoroughly recommend this excellent service. The turnaround was fantastic and the support and advice extremely professional. Jack worked well beyond his brief and gave me the confidence to get my books out on to the internet. There was a lot of work involved – three books totalling over 350,000 words! I would have no hesitation in recommending JD Editorial to anyone considering publishing.

    Yvonne Carlin-Page Author
  • I first contacted JD Editorial with a request for a much-needed round of manuscript proofreading. The first quote I reviewed was phenomenal so I asked for a second quote with a quicker turnaround. The target was 15,000 words in 3 days. The work was completed quicker and to a very high standard. I was in contact everyday requesting samples of finished text. Every request and question was dealt with promptly and politely. I WILL be using JD again.

    Rayne Thomas Author
  • I've now had a number of my books proofread by JD Editorial. I am a self-published author, and Jack has become my 'go-to' guy for getting my books up to scratch. Most recently Jack helped me with a book which I felt needed a lot of work. It was an 85,000 word book needing some editing as well as proof-reading, Jack did a great job with the book, many fellow self-published authors who had read the pre-edited version commented on how well it was edited. Jack has always been very approachable and helpful and takes on board requests and comments about the work he will be doing, and asks questions for clarity where needed. Very fair price, and JD Editorial gets the work done quickly.

    Dan Jones

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