Top-quality proofreading services for businesses, authors and students

No matter who you are and what editorial needs you have, we are certain that, with our precise, bespoke and affordable proofreading services, we can provide you with excellent value for money. We have a proven track record in helping authors perfect manuscripts, we have added immense value to a number of businesses, and we have ensured students’ grades do not suffer through imprecise English.

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As well as proofreading your work, we also offer exceptional proofreading and editorial training and consultancy, helping your business develop the in-house capability to proofread exceptionally. For more details, click here.

corporate proofreading and training for business

Corporate proofreading

JD Editorial offers bespoke business proofreading services for companies of all types, incorporating house style and branding guidelines as standard. Irrespective of your industry, give your documents and materials a complete and professional finish.

expert book proofreading for authors

Proofreading for authors

At JD Editorial, we understand the need for eagle-eyed proofreading of your manuscripts and works. Thorough grammatical checking is absolutely vital on all works before publishing. With JD Editorial, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are in capable hands.

cheap proofreading for students

Academic  proofreading

Worried you will be penalised for your spelling, punctuation and grammar in your thesis or dissertation? Get your work proofread by an expert. JD Editorial’s top-quality student proofreading services are much more affordable than you may think…!

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